Stunning, capturing and traumatically transporting grizzlies, all in the name of delisting

Dec 9, 2023 | Grizzly Bears In the News, Get Involved to Save Grizzly Bears

Montana to start trucking grizzlies into Yellowstone region to improve delisting prospects.

Here’s Doug Peacock on how this sinister means of evading federal environmental law could play out on our beleaguered bears:

“This is a horrible idea. It’s also illegal: as long as the grizzly remains listed under the ESA, all management, including forced transplants, are under legal auspices of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service; the states have no authority until and if the grizzly is delisted. If delisting is successful, there will trophy hunting, which, I believe, will be the beginning of the end–eventual extinction for big segments of the bear in the lower 48. Including the Yellowstone population segment. That’s why we must resist, fight and defeat the state’s rabid obsession to remove the grizzly from the Endangered Species Act.” Doug Peacock