Foster Bear Friendly Communities

We produce an ongoing series of road shows throughout the Northern Rockies depicting the work we are doing to protect grizzlies. We also partner with organizations to promote awareness and best practices.

Road Shows

With generous support of Patagonia, STYG produces an ongoing series of road shows throughout the Northern Rockies, featuring film screenings, talks by grizzly experts, live music and poetry, to spread the word on the important work being done to protect the grizzlies of the lower 48.
The Beast of Our Time: Climate Change and Grizzly Bears

Maaike Middleton, director

Grizzly Country

Moonhouse Films and Peak Design

Peacock’s War

Bullfrog Films/Earthrise Entertainment.

If you’d like to sponsor a screening in your community, please contact Communications Director William Funk.


In addition, we partner with organizations including the Park County Environmental Council and the Greater Yellowstone/Northern Rockies office of the Sierra Club to promote the use of bear-friendly garbage bins, best practices at community dumps, and homeowner awareness of bear attractants like bird seed, pet food and fruit trees.


We send staff and volunteers into Yellowstone National Park to help educate the world-wide fan base for grizzly bears about the challenges they face.