Billboard Project

Why Stop the Delisting & Trophy Hunt?

Climate Change

Recognize that grizzly bears are dispersing onto the landscape due to the effects of climate change. “Explorer” bears must be granted the room to roam.

Management Plan

The States are unprepared to manage grizzlies. The 1986 US Fish and Wildlife Service guidelines for nuisance bears are out of date and need to be updated.

Connectivity is key for promoting genetic diversity among isolated grizzly populations.
Coexistence & Tolerance

Learn to coexist and prepare communities across the West with bear-smart practices and initiatives.

Wildlife Crossing Structures

Wildlife crossing structures are needed across our busy interstates and are critical in order to have connectivity and safe passage.

Secure Habitat

Secure critical grizzly habitat before it’s too late. Ban bear baiting and trapping. Let grizzlies occupy the 4.6 million acre Bitterroot/Salmon/Selway ecosystem.

Indigenous Wisdom

Honor the Piikani and other Nation’s Grizzly Bear Treaties and let indigenous wisdom lead the way in recovery.

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