Giving Tuesday

Dec 22, 2022 | Get Involved to Save Grizzly Bears

Support Save the Yellowstone Grizzly! This #GIVINGTUESDAY, please take a moment to contribute to the cause of grizzly bears and the preservation of the American wild.

Support Save the Yellowstone Grizzly!

Save the Yellowstone Grizzly is growing in all directions! I’m William H. (Bill) Funk, the new communications director, and I am thrilled to be part of this committed team of writers, scientists, filmmakers, lawyers and outdoor enthusiasts … all united in our commitment to the preservation and expansion of grizzly populations in the Lower 48.

Please step up and join us in this wonderful adventure!

We’re in the process of making a new documentary film; of launching legal challenges to federal and state policies that harm grizzlies; of directly confronting the impacts of the climate crisis on grizzly populations; and of an exciting freeway underpass project for the creation of commonsensical corridors for explorer bears to safely cross roadways in search of fresh habitats, thus protecting both people and wildlife. We’ll also be sending you a revamped newsletter very shortly, and we have a new website out early next year.

The possibilities for the near future are boundless!

Grizzlies are the essence of the American spirit: powerful, independent, stoic, and beautiful. Please make a contribution today so that Save the Yellowstone Grizzly can work harder and harder to preserve our country’s most magnificent wildlife🐻!

Looking forward,

William H. Funk
Communications Director
Save the Yellowstone Grizzly